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Brief Introduction

The Alumni for Discharged Residents aims to, through various activities, enhance contact among former recipients of the long-term residential care for children of Po Leung Kuk, improve discharged residents’ sense of belonging to Po Leung Kuk and have them make contribution to the charity organisation which once helped them.  In addition, the Alumni will also help members by informing them of the updated news and information of Po Leung Kuk, for example, scholarships and grants and activities for discharged residents.

The following members responsible for handing the committee's affairs for Year 2021-2023 as follows:


LAM   Shuk  Yuen


TSE Ka Yan

Clerical & Liaison


SING Hau Tim

Finance Officer

Designated social worker

Recreation Officer

 SING Pui Kam, YIM Ka Fai

Publicity Officer

CHAN Wai Ngan

If you are a discharged resident and interested in joining the Alumni, please fill in the registration form of the Alumni of Po Leung Kuk to become our member!