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Love for Young Sprouts - Interview with Ms. CHEUK Sin Nin, Housemother of Children Section
Extending the Love of the Young Ones in One’s Family to That of Other Families
After working as a housemother in the Children Section of Po Leung Kuk for 14 years, Ms. CHEUK regards Po Leung Kuk as her second home because the time she spent on the Kuk’s children is more than that on her own children.  She got married soon after leaving college, and gave birth to her first child two years later.  When her two children grew up, and had their own circles of activities, Ms. CHEUK who had always assisted her husband and taught children at home came to realise: “Can I only take care of my family at home every day after so many years of learning?”  She later talked with her mother who lived with her, who greatly encouraged her to find a job, so did her husband.......
Staff's Voice
Family-like Activities (I) Author: Ching (12 years old)
Last Saturday, seven children including me of Wor Ping Dormitory took part in the family-like activity held in the Avenue of Stars along the Seafront of Tsim Sha Tsui under the leadership of Ms. PANG and Ms. CHEUK.  We arrived at the destination by MTR, and appreciated the beauty of Victoria Harbour complimented by high rises densely distributed at its both sides.  The Avenue of Stars was crowded with visitors, many of whom were Mainlanders, with people heard speaking Mandarin everywhere.  As Hong Kong promotes Bi-literacy and Tri-lingualism, we could understand Mandarin.  The pupils were happy and in high spirits, yelling out in front of fingerprints of stars they knew.  We had Chinese buffet meal as our lunch at Little Sheep.  We felt happy because we tasted many delicious desserts we seldom had in daily life, and I loved mutton-stuffed bread the most. Afterwards, we idled around the Avenue of Stars.  To my disappointment, I could not buy toys I had intended to buy, for the toy store was no longer there.  We went back at dinner time.  In a word, the trip was fruitful, and I hope we can go to places seldom frequented by us next time.
Child's Voice
Family-like Activities (II) Author: Lam (7 years old)
In the morning, we, together with Ms. AU and Ms. HSU, went to Wan Chai by tram and then took a ferry to the first stop of our family-like activity – the Science Museum in Tsim Sha Tsui.  We had a good time at the Museum where we appreciated how rockets were made and blast off, made several little experiments, and learned about many wild animals through watching “Born to be Wild” in the Space Theatre.  At lunch time, we had delicious doll instant noodles, sandwiches and soft drinks, and felt contented.  After lunch, we played around the amusement park nearby.  Ms. AU and Ms. HSU took us back to the Kuk by MTR at appropriate time.  This family-like activity gave us great pleasure, for we not only had the chance to take different means of transportation but also tried delicious food.
Child's Voice
A Friendship Card for the Retired Warden

Warden FUNG,
I have known you for 10 years from the time when I was a baby to now.  I appreciate your heart-given cultivation for me in the past years.  I know what you did is for my benefits even if you lectured or punished me sometimes.
In the beginning, I was quite unwilling to live in Po Leung Kuk as a baby. However, when I met you, I found that I was not alone.  You took care of us, and troubled about our unhappiness irrespective of remuneration, and I will never forget what you have taught me.  I really hope you will always be happy in your future life!  However, never forget me.  We can have a drink or meal together sometimes.  You are always a good warden in my mind! 
Remember to contact and visit us frequently!           
Ah Nui

Warden FUNG Yuet Kuen had worked in Po Leung Kuk for 34 years, during which she had served as the warden of the Children Section for 24 years. She was enthusiastic in working with children and made great contributions.  Ms. FUNG formally retired on 15 April 2012.