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What is adoption?

Adoption means, through legal procedures, establishing parent-child relationship between persons without kinship and letting the adopted children have their own families.

Adoption Service

The service aims to find permanent and stable homes for children eligible for adoption (including those with special needs). Adoption is a life-long commitment for every adopter. The best interest of the children is the paramount consideration in the adoption arrangement.

Po Leung Kuk, as an accredited adoption agency in Hong Kong, is devoted to finding permanent and stable homes for children whose parents are unable or unwilling to take care of them.

In December 2007, we started to provide Intercountry Adoption Service. We work in conjunction with two American agencies and the government of Australia, helping families living in these countries to adopt Hong Kong children.

On January 1 2010, we started the Local Adoption Service as well. We handle applications from Hong Kong residents to adopt the children waiting for adoption in Hong Kong.