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Children Section


  • To provide out-of-home care for children aged from 6 to 18 who are in need of residential care owing to improper care arising from family problems.
  • To render a variety of services including counselling, group work, recreational services and medical services, besides providing daily care, to enhance the physical, psychological and social development of the children.
  • To re-build and maintain the children’s bondage with their families, and prepare for future family reunion.



Target Group

  • Age limit: 6 to 18
  • Children without severe emotional disturbance, severe behavioural problem, physical or mental handicap.

Service Content

  • Children to be arranged to settle in different dormitories, including those for boys, girls and younger children.
  • Most primary school aged children to be arranged to study at a school in Kuk while the others to schools preferably within the same district. Older children to be allocated with secondary school placements through the Education Bureau.
  • Social work services such as casework and group work to be conducted to help the children enhance their personal growth. Discharge plan to be worked out in accordance with individual welfare plan of the children, e.g. family reunion or independent living.
  • Varied recreational activities to be provided at leisure while seasonal celebrating programmes to be implemented.
  • At least three meals a day, with sufficient and varied food to ensure well-balanced diet.
  • On-site medical consultation to be provided by doctors regularly.  Otherwise, medical consultations of nearby government clinics, private practitioners or A & E units of government hospitals to be arranged.


  • Free meals and lodging.
  • All parents/guardians to be responsible for their children's clothings, school fees and/or schooling expenses according to actual expenditure.
  • For ward cases of the Director of Social Welfare, the Social Welfare Department (SWD) to be responsible for the wards’ clothings, school fees and/or schooling expenses according to actual expenses.

Application of Service

Applications are referred by the SWD or social service units of non-governmental organisations through SWD Central Referral System for Residential Child Care Services (CRSRC).

Termination of Service

  • Can be initiated by Children Section or service users.
  • There should be prior discussions between both parties and together with referring worker on welfare plan.  All parties are required to complete necessary formalities for formal discharge.