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Foster Care Service


“PLK Foster Care ‧ Love ‧ Grow Together”

We believe: Every child is lovable,
and every child can be loved;
We also believe: The children who are nurtured by love are blessed; 
Those who can nurture children through love are all the more blessed.


  • To provide out-of-home family care to children who cannot be adequately cared for by their families due  primarily to various family problems.
  • Children to continue to enjoy family life and healthy development until they can reunite with their families or settle down in permanent homes through adoption or independent living.

Target Group

Children from newborn to under the age of 18

Service Content

  • Foster care parents to provide daily care, guidance and support to foster children.
  • Foster care workers to provide social work service through casework and group work to help foster children enhance their personal growth.
  • Foster care workers to provide supervision and support service to foster care parents to ensure foster children’s well-being in the foster homes throughout placement.


  • Free meals and accommodation.
  • Parents/Guardians are responsible for their children’s schooling expenses and special charges as agreed between foster and birth home.

Foster Care Allowance

  • Maintenance grant for foster children’s daily expenses
  • Incentive Payment for foster homes
  • One-off Setting up grant

Application of Service

Applications are referred by the Social Welfare Department (SWD) and social service units of non-governmental organisations through SWD Central Foster Care Unit.

Termination of Service

  • Termination of service can be initiated by foster care service unit, foster homes or service users.
  • There should be prior discussions among all parties concerned and together with referring worker on discharge plan.  All parties are required to complete necessary formalities or court procedures for formal discharge.