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Child's Voice
Ching (age 18)
How time flies! I have lived in Small Group Home of Po Leung Kuk for over five years. I have to leave this summer, which is so hard for me.

During the five years here, I not only learnt to take care of myself, but also found the goal of my life.  For me, the Small Group Home is my soul harbour, not just a shelter.  No matter what I have encountered outside, auntie and staff here would comfort me and straighten me out. 

Small Group Home of Po Leung Kuk gave me hope when I was in distress.  I would like to thank those who have sponsored us over the years.  Without your help and kindness, there will still be many children like me who cannot get help in Hong Kong!  Finally, I promise that I will never forget Po Leung Kuk if I have any accomplishment someday.  I will also try my best to make contributions to the society and help the needy. 
Child's Voice
Yan (age 8)
I have lived in Small Group Home for three years, learnt to wash dishes, do cleaning and learnt table manners.  I am happy here, for auntie would help me with homework and take care of me when I was sick, so I like Po Leung Kuk! 
Child's Voice
Nam (age 13)
I have stayed in Tai Wo Small Group Home for a year and a half. It gives me a sense of belonging.  The children here are friendly.  The social worker, auntie, and relief houseparents are all nice. 

I have changed a lot since my admission in December 2010, including punctuality for classes and emotion.  The Small Group Home has many rules but can cultivate our self-discipline, which is terrific.