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Brief Introduction


In line with the Kuk’s objective of “protecting the Young and the Innocent”, we provide residential care services for children / youth who cannot be adequately cared for by their families, including those abandoned / abused by their parents, or whose parents have died / divorced / have been ill.


  • To provide 24-hour comprehensive residential services with a variety of programmes to enhance the physical, psychological, social and intellectual development of the children / young people in care.
  • To rebuild and maintain parent-child bondage, to formulate individual welfare plan for each child / youth, and to prepare children / youth for future home restoration / independent living / other long-term alternative living arrangement.  The ultimate goal is family reunion and integration into the community.

Target Group

  • Children / Young people who cannot be adequately cared for by their families.  This may include children under statutory supervision, slow-learners, children of limited intelligence, children with mild behavioural or emotional problems, or children who experience minor health problems and have been medically assessed as fit for care in respective service settings.
  • Aged from new born to 18.