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  1. We believe that harmonious family relationships are based on gender equality and mutual respect. Intimate partner violence should be regarded as criminal offence as it violates the principles of gender equality and basic human rights and freedom.
  2. We believe that every child has the right to be loved by parents. All parents must perform their parental duties and prioritize the welfare of their children.
  3. We value the autonomy of the victims of intimate partner violence. With the appropriate support, they can overcome the difficulties and traumas caused by the abuse.
  4. We oppose any form of intimate partner violence. We are committed to helping batterers to change their mindset and behaviors, for the interest of the society.
  5. We believe that the collaboration of different stakeholders is the most effective way to tackle intimate partner violence.


A society with no gender based violence and that all relationships are established on the basis of equality and mutual respect.


  1. We are committed to providing protection and support to all victims of intimate partner violence and their children, safeguarding their rights and helping them to rebuild their lives.
  2. We are committed to helping the batterers to identify the cause of their abusive behaviours and to improve their abilities to build healthy intimate relationships.
  3. We establish community partnerships with the aim to prevent and minimise intimate partner violence.
  4. We hold trainings and public events to promote the importance of gender equality and mutual respect in relationships.