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Blue Sky Short-term Food Assistance Service Team

Service Introduction:

"Blue Sky Short-term Food Assistance Service Project" is funded by the Social Welfare Department with the aims to help and solve temporary hardship arising from cost of living, for those individuals and families who have proven difficulties in coping with daily expenditure.

The short-term food assistance service contract for the Yuen Long and Tin Shui Wai Areas for the year started from March 2014, and SWD has regularised STFAS through the provision of Lump Sum Grant Subvention in August 2021. Po Leung Kuk Blue Sky Short-term Food Assistance Service Project. has been renamed as "Blue Sky Short-term Food Assistance Service Team" and continue to provide service in  Yuen Long and Tin Shui Wai Areas.

Service Boundary:

Yuen Long

Service Content:
- Provide not more than 8 weeks of short-term food assistance to disadvantaged individuals or families who have proven difficulties so as to solve their temporary financial hardship.
- The food distributed mainly includes dry rations, e.g. rice, noodles, supermarket food coupon and hot meal coupon etc. There are special menus to meet the special needs of different service users, including infant, persons of chronically ill, elderlies and ethnic minorities etc.
- Food collection will be on weekly basis at appointed time and location.

Service Target:

(1)Primarily for Hong Kong residents

(2)Individuals and families who have proven difficulties in coping with daily food expenditure, or 

(3)Individuals or families encountering sudden changes and facing immediate financial hardship

E.g. Unemployed, low-income groups, new arrivals, street sleepers

(4)For those has special need of Recipients of Comprehensive Social Security Assistance can be referred by Social Security Field Units.


- Call enquiry hotline for the information of "Blue Sky Short-term Food Assistance Service Project". Tel: 26581511 (Yuen Long Service Centre), Tel: 25516922 (Tin Shui Wai Service Centre)
- Eligible applicants can approach partner organizations of “Blue Sky Short-term Food Assistance Service Project” near their residential areas for referral services.
- Applicants are required to fill in the application forms and bring:
- Identity documents of applicant and those family members who live in the same household, documents of residential proof, income proof, and asset proof for assessment purpose. Student card, medical proof, proof of job-seeking, proof of sudden family expenses (if applicable).
- Applicants who fail to hand in necessary documents may be turned down for their applications.
- "Blue Sky Short-term Food Assistance Service Project" reserves the right to make final decision on approval of all applications.

Service Termination:

  • Can be initiated by service users at any time. 
  • When there is improvement of the financial situation of the service users, or when they no longer meet the eligibility criteria or no longer need the service
  • Service users who are absent from Hong Kong for more than 7 days
  • Death of the service users
  • The Service Team will terminate the provision of food assistance for the following condition:
    • The information given herein is not true, not correct and not complete,
    • During the period of food assistance, service users and their family members living in the same household do receive Short Term Food Assistance subvented by SWD from other organization,
    • Service user abused the service.

Download Forms: 
- Application form for Food Assistance Service

Declaration of Residential Address

Declaration of Monthly Income

Service Pamphlets

Opening Hours:

 Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday



*The Centre will be closed on Monday, Sunday and Public Holidays.